Patios, Driveways and Walkways

We create stunning professional patios, driveways and walkways designed to enhance your outdoor life.

Here at North Coral Landscaping we create stunning professional walkways, patios and driveways that are designed to seamlessly compliment the surrounding architecture and environment of your Winnipeg property. Our construction process is designed for your walkway, patio or driveway to withstand our severe Manitoba weather, while also extending your outdoor lifestyle and enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

Landscaping that is designed to seamlessly compliment the surrounding architecture and environment of your home.

As Winnipeg’s leading landscaping designers, anything we design and build is intended to enhance your outdoor lifestyle living space! We aim to please, always creating professional and lasting outdoor landscapes for your home and property!

Landscaping designed to interact with the surrounding architecture & environment.


A well designed patio will make your outdoor space feel larger, change the appearance of your home, while also bringing out the natural beauty of your property.

With years of experience, our professional team will work with you to create a custom patio that can withstand our Winnipeg winters, while also bringing your outdoor space to life.

Start entertaining family and friends with new found space, designed by Winnipeg’s patio design experts!

Showcasing a multi-coloured brick patio with outdoor furniture, with planter beds on either side, and a wooden fence, in a backyard on a sunny day.


We only instal driveways that will last our Winnipeg climate! Here at North Coral, we not only design driveways that look good, we design driveways that also accentuate your homes architecture.

It’s all in the details, even with driveways! Who knew a Winnipeg driveway could look so good and be so reliable – just like our specialized and trusted service!


A well thought-out walkway is often forgotten, but not a North Coral. We know a well designed walkway frames your house and serves as pathways to get to where you want.

North Coral builds all stairs and walkways to withstand our ever changing Winnipeg, MB climate, quality is guaranteed.

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Meet a landscape designer to help you envision and transform your outdoor space. Receive the best options with quotes after the meeting.

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