Winnipeg Hardscaping Solutions

Immerse yourself in the transformation of your landscape with North Coral Landscaping’s hardscaping services. Our landscaping services are designed to boost the curb appeal and value of your Winnipeg property.

Robust Hardscaping: A Fusion of Aesthetics and Functionality

At North Coral Landscaping, we understand the critical role of hardscaping in any landscaping project. We expertly use a mix of modular precast products, stone, and natural materials in constructing a durable retaining wall and elevation. These structural hardscape elements don’t just add depth and interest to your yard; they also ensure your pathways and elevations remain intact throughout the year—braving even Winnipeg’s tough winters.

We use a combination of quality modular precast products, stone, and natural materials in our hardscape services.

Elevate Your Landscapes in Winnipeg

One simple yet impactful approach to breathtaking landscape design in Winnipeg is to introduce various levels. By manipulating the terrain by hardscape, we can sculpt your outdoor space, adding depth, creating focal points, and defining areas. Let North Coral’s landscaping services bring a fresh perspective to your yard with a hardscape service.

Invest in Your Property

Invest in more than just aesthetics and curb appeal. Our landscaping experts can craft a retaining wall and environmental elevation, you can elevate not just your outdoor living experience, but also your property value.

Our process maintains your retainer walls and elevations.

Retaining Walls

There’s nothing like sitting around a fire with friends and family – we can make that a reality! From summer to winter, you can enjoy the heat of an outdoor fire pit in Manitoba.

Are you a plant lover? Add a refining touch that perfectly frames plants and trees on your property.

Whether adding a fire pit, a flower bed to show case your vegetation or trees, retaining walls are an elegant feature that will get you excited to share and use your outdoor spaces more often!

A backyard patio with Adirondack chairs around a fire pit and a house in the background
Large rocks form steps leading to a house with a deck. Trees and grass are visible
A backyard patio with hot tub, raised deck, and stone landscaping
A lakeside house with a screened-in porch is nestled among the autumn foliage and large rocks


With our flat Manitoba landscape, elevations add height, depth and dimension to your yard and property, creating a noticeable difference you’ll be able to see and feel! Our experienced landscape designers will work closely with you and your landscaping ideas to get exactly the feel you’re going for.

With professional construction equipment and landscaping experts, North Coral Landscaping can design and build all kinds of elevation landscapes, from staggered stairs to grass layered levels, and even rock feature walls!

Enhance the natural beauty of your Manitoba outdoor spaces with elevations, so your holiday getaway will be right out your front door.

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