Rock Features and Planting Beds

Unlock the full potential of your outdoor living area with the addition of bespoke rock features and planting beds. North Coral Landscaping specializes in these stunning elements that elevate the natural elegance of your property.

The Magic is in the Details

From minor additions to small yards to large-scale commercial revamps, rock features and planting beds add vitality, allure, and functionality to your outdoor spaces. They infuse character into the landscape, making it more inviting and fascinating. Whether you own a cozy patio in Winnipeg or a sprawling commercial landscape, these details amplify the innate beauty and grace of your property.

Make Your Outdoor Space Shine

You’ve invested in your property, and it deserves to be showcased. As Winnipeg’s preferred landscaping designers, our team of professionals are committed to making your vision come to life. We believe in creating spaces that not only look beautiful but also reflect your personality and style.

Our stone is sourced from Manitoba whenever possible!

Manitoba’s Pride: Our Sourced Stones

We take pride in the authenticity of our work. That’s why we source our stones from Manitoba whenever possible. These local stones blend seamlessly with the Winnipeg landscape, lending a touch of native charm to your outdoor space. After all, what’s more Manitoban than using the very resources our beautiful province provides?

A Variety of Landscaping Features

Our Winnipeg landscaping services provide a variety of options for your property enhancement:

Rock Features

Our property rock features are designed to create striking focal points within your landscape. These artistic installations are not just visually stunning, they also add texture and dimension to your outdoor space.

Custom Planting Beds

Our custom planting beds are more than just plots for plants—they are meticulously crafted features that enhance the overall design of your outdoor space. By selecting the right plants for your Winnipeg landscaping project, we create a vibrant tapestry that brings color, diversity, and life to your yard.

Choosing North Coral Landscaping means opting for quality, creativity, and a deeply personalized approach to your landscaping needs. Let us transform your property with carefully curated rock features and planting beds, turning your outdoor space into a sanctuary of natural beauty and elegance.

Rock features and planting beds provide life, beauty and space to our outdoor lives.

Rock Features

You’ll be surprised how simple rock features and elevations can turn your property into an experience you never knew possible!

Whether at your home in the city, or at your cabin at the lake, rock features add dimension and complexity to both your city and rural Manitoba properties.

Adding rock features to your property will turn your city or rural yard into an outdoor experience you’ll want to share with friends and family year round!

Stone walkway with large boulders leads to cabin in woods
Modern two-storey home with stone accents, black garage, and landscaped front yard
Landscaping with large boulders, dark gravel, and green plants
Patio with light-colored pavers, black edging, and flower bed

Planting Beds

Wood, stone or rock custom planting beds is an easy way to add engaging features to your yard.

With hand-picked plants and designer planting beds, turn your Winnipeg outdoor space into an escape from the mundane.

Choose North Coral, Winnipeg’s leading landscaping company to level-up your property value, and your outdoor experience!

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