Rock Features and Planting Beds

Bring out the intrinsic beauty of your outdoor living space by adding details that highlight its natural elegance.

It’s all in the details! Rock features and planting beds provide life, beauty and space to our outdoor lives. From small features in a small yard, to multi-block commercial renovations, rock features and planting beds make any space more engaging and interesting.

No matter the size of your property, adding details like rock features and planting beds will bring out the natural beauty and elegance of your homes architecture and yard. Your outdoor space deserves to shine. As Winnipeg’s leading landscaping designers, our professional team can make your dream, a reality!

Our stone is sourced from Manitoba whenever possible!

Our stone is sourced from Manitoba whenever possible, and ties in perfectly with the environment in our Winnipeg spaces. You can’t get more Manitoban than that!

Available landscaping features:

  • Property Rock Features
  • Custom Planting Beds

Rock features and planting beds provide life, beauty and space to our outdoor lives.

Rock Features

You’ll be surprised how simple rock features and elevations can turn your property into an experience you never knew possible!

Whether at your home in the city, or at your cabin at the lake, rock features add dimension and complexity to both your city and rural Manitoba properties.

Adding rock features to your property will turn your city or rural yard into an outdoor experience you’ll want to share with friends and family year round!

Planting Beds

Wood, stone or rock custom planting beds is an easy way to add engaging features to your yard.

With hand-picked plants and designer planting beds, turn your Winnipeg outdoor space into an escape from the mundane.

Choose North Coral, Winnipeg’s leading landscaping company to level-up your property value, and your outdoor experience!

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