Manitoba’s Top Cottage Landscaping

Cottage, and cabin landscaping increases the use and enjoyment of your property, protects your investment, and simplifies maintenance.

North Coral Landscaping has designed and built a number of Manitoba cottage landscapes around cabin and vacation properties. We get excited about the unique opportunities that come with cottage landscape development. Whether your cottage is in the Interlake region, the Whiteshell, or on Lake of the Woods, the goal is often the same: to escape the busyness of life in the city, and relax and rejuvenate with family and friends in a natural setting.

The key to landscaping your cottage property is in finding the right materials and designing around the aesthetics of the natural environment. Boulder rock retaining walls, slate walkways, and strategic plant selection are some of the elements we like to incorporate into the cottage landscape design to blend your landscape seamlessly into its surroundings, while also creating extremely functional spaces. Newer paving stone products allow you to design and build in patio features that do not only fit the natural aesthetic of the cottage environment, but can also add to the value of your property.
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